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Aug 12, 2023

Learning from her great-grandmother, who developed a love for tea as a Caribbean islander during British colonial rule, Michelle Watson has turned that passion into a Black-owned brand with products that customers cannot keep in stock.

The CEO of IngenuiTea, described as an organic tea line of premium blends for a healthier lifestyle, hopes to expand her business by bringing homegrown tea recipes to the mainstream. With an assortment of flavors, such as the classic mint or a Caribbean fusion blend, Watson’s love of tea and its expansive health advantages drives her to pour into her work.

While her great-grandmother’s customs stemmed from her native country’s tradition of tea partly influenced by British colonization, that Grenadian heritage has seeped into the vibrant blends created by the teamaker today. Taking her Caribbean roots with her, she traveled the world to explore new plants and herbs as she developed her wide-ranging line.

According to Watson, tea is “the next best thing” for one’s body after water. Her mission to make the drink delicious, soothing, and affordable is critical to her brand. Not only do the teas provide natural caffeine, but they also contribute to lessening stress and anxiety in the herbal blends. Since launching in January, her high-quality teas have nearly sold out, amassing high sales to prove that her philosophy is also profitable.

Putting the community at the forefront, IngenuiTea Gourmet Tea and Spice Co. donate 10% of sales to organizations that cater to food security and woman-founded agricultural programs. The website also features a blog describing its latest blends of the season and how to best utilize its beverages, hot or iced, for the perfect summer evening or fall afternoon.

As Watson discovers new ways to pay homage to her familial tea-drinking customs, her company will bring that love and dedication to wellness to customers globally.

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