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Experience the Essence of Chinese Tea: iTeaworld Introduces a Curated Collection of 8 Distinct Black Teas and Oolong Teas

Jun 07, 2023

SHENZHEN, China, July 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Emerging tea brand iTeaworld recently revealed its plans to roll out a new collection of Chinese black teas and oolong teas on July 30, 2023. The upcoming collection aims to showcase the finest selection of Chinese black teas and oolong teas, offering a complete and enjoyable tea-tasting experience to both seasoned tea enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of tea.

The collection includes a collection of four of China's most well-known and representative oolong teas and four black teas: Big Red Robe, Tie Guan Yin, Old Tree Phoenix Single Bush, Water Immortal of Southern Fujian, Lapsang Souchong, Yingdehong Tea, Yunnan Red Tea, and Wild Lapsang Souchong Red Tea. Each tea possesses its own distinct taste and qualities, and all of them have obtained international organic safety certifications. This ensures that consumers can indulge in the authentic essence of these quintessential Chinese tea flavors in one sitting, experiencing a comprehensive and delightful tea-tasting journey.

iTeaworld takes a different approach with its black and oolong teas selection pack compared to traditional collections. Instead of solely focusing on teas from renowned production areas, it prioritizes value for money during the selection process. Factors like taste, quality and price are carefully considered to ensure that each tea in the collection delivers a premium tea experience. By doing so, iTeaworld makes it convenient and affordable for consumers to sample four black teas and four oolong teas, providing an accessible opportunity for everyone to explore and appreciate the diverse range of Chinese teas.

As an emerging tea brand, iTeaworld is committed to becoming the first choice among newcomers seeking to understand Chinese tea culture. To this end, iTeaworld assists consumers to identify and purchase Chinese tea with a more nuanced understanding of Chinese tea culture. Furthermore, iTeaworld has introduced several collections that enable consumers to conveniently and affordably sample and compare various types of tea. To lower the barrier for trying their teas, iTeaworld has implemented an industry-first unconditional refund policy (no need to return the unused tea), minimizing the cost associated with experimentation.

In addition to assuring consumers enjoyable tea experiences, iTeaworld is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibilities. The brand participates in efforts to safeguard endangered wild old tea trees and relocate them into centralized conservation management schemes, thereby preserving their biodiversity. iTeaworld's tea growers are committed to protecting wild tea plants and promoting their natural growth in mountainous regions, as these plants serve as a vital core ingredient for wild tea. In addition, iTeaworld encourages the sourcing of tea from farmers who rely on tea cultivation for their livelihoods. As a response to the abundance of wild tea and old tree tea resources, the brand offers affordable teas with distinctive flavors, allowing tea enthusiasts to appreciate their exceptional qualities.

Save the date: July 30 marks the online promotion of iTeaworld, where you can personally experience the captivating allure of Chinese tea. Stay tuned and be ready to immerse yourself in the world of Chinese black tea and oolong tea on this exciting day. For more information, please visit the official website of iTeaworld:

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